The Philosophical Parent

Definitely a great read for any new parent. 26 excellent points, well articulated and thought provoking. Go!

Being a parent can be one of the sources of our greatest joys. It is also – intermittently – the cause of some of our deepest sorrows. It is likely that we will spend at least some of the time in despair and confusion, wondering whether it really had to be so hard.


And next time your child acts out, remember:

“The child needs to be horrible and rejecting now in order, later, to be authentic appreciative and wise.”

Source: The Philosophical Parent

How Good Is My Doctor?

Very interesting perspective on the importance of truly measuring your own performance and researching how to improve.

“Excellence came from seeing, on a daily basis, the difference between being 99.5-per-cent successful and being 99.95-per-cent successful”

The difference in effectiveness between treatment centers can be enormous. Historically, patients haven’t known this. So what happens when they find out?

Source: How Good Is My Doctor?

The past, present, and future of design in Silicon Valley | TechCrunch

Interesting perspective on what design is and how it impacts product development.

The automatic retort to any questions regarding feasibility is, “Anything is a possible.” “Can we do this is? is the wrong question to ask. It’s Why should we do this? How should we do this?…It doesn’t matter what ideas you have, it’s all about Does this solve the problem?”

 In a world in which you can build anything, the onus for entrepreneurs has shifted from figuring out if you can build something to understanding whether it’s worth building it in the first place.

Source: The past, present, and future of design in Silicon Valley | TechCrunch