Ferry Odessa – Istanbul

It was painfull saying goodbye to my sowjet style room in hotel Passage, you get attached to the 60’s decoration and smokey smells. But I packed up and left since a ferry to Istanbul was waiting for me! The ferry is a nice adventure in itself, so I’ll provide a few highlights:

-The Ukrainian Border police is very unfriendly. Expect to wait a few hours while they fix the door and the luggage scanner before letting you out of their country. Do not expect an announcement about this delay.

-Be prepared to have rather ridiculous conversation in half-english half-ukrainain about the amount of cash you are carrying and wether you are bringing any historical artifacts. I can understand them being concerned about loosing the few artifacts they posses but it seems like overkill.

-The cabin was a pleasant surprise, nice, clean, shower and toilet ensuite. And the dinners were decent. For entertainment we were provided with a bar, casino, music room, disco and tax free shopping. All slightly boring since everythin is in ukrainian and only 50 people were on board.

-The experience of going through the Bosporus is defenitely recommended. Several old fortresses, small towns and then Istanbul in the evening sun

-The weather is so much nicer here! Almost 10 degrees warmer defenitely makes a difference…

-The ferry is a great place for reading and listening to audiobooks. I have fiished the last book i brought and have listened to both Robinson Crusoe and The Invisible Man.

Photos  from the ferry are here

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