Ascaso i-Steel I-1 Mod

After a quick lesson from our local espresso guru in Nijmegen, I concluded that my espresso grinder was just not grinding fine enough to pull that perfect shot.

The grinder was already on its finest setting, so I was tempted open it up and see what adjustments I can make.

Luckily, it is a very simple device.  It is easy to see the limiter screw in the shot below, and it is just as easy to move it one hole further.

Ascaso grinding adjustment
Only after making the adjustment and praying for success – and it really did do the trick – I thought to google this adjustment and found the tutorial below:

Ascaso i-Steel I-1 Doserless Flat Burr Grinders at 1st-line Equipment, LLC.

Apparently there has been a batch that do not adjust fine enough.

And now just one more Espresso…

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