The future is already here

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A great quote by William Gibson, and since he made this statement in 1993 it has probably become even more extreme as the pace of innovation seems to increase ever more. New technologies tend to spread ever more quickly – whereas it took the TV decades to reach every household back in the fifties, the mobile phone took years to become a standard accessory to modern live in the late nineties, the iPad only took a few months to revolutionize how average people interact with computers in 2010.

Just last week I stumbled upon a discussion on which major breakthroughs we, the general public, are still unaware of. A separate discussion asks scientist for their new ideas in their fields that are likely to be proven by research in the near future.

To save you some time, this is a short summary of some of the most interesting developments. If you find these interesting, please visit the original discussions as they contain many more gems, and are still developing as I write this post.

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