Exploring Lviv

The first day here was pretty much just sleeping and relaxing, listening to my iPod (lectures on Nietzsche, a good way to fall asleep).
I met the other people staying here in the Kosmonaut hostel, Francios, a very nice french guy who is walking acros the mountainranges in eastern europe, Nick and Simon, two australians who have seen considerably more of the world then I thought possible, and Jonathan, from England.
We had dinner together, (Lebanese)and after that we tried one of the clubs here in Lviv. It was an Interesting experience, people dance really weirdly here. Very over the top, "One limb at a 90 degree angle at any time"-style dancing.

Yesterday I finally got around to seeing some of Lviv and it truly is one of the most beautiful cities, but quite an unpolished gem. Give it a few years and this might wel turn out to become the new Prague.

Today I want to explore some of the museums and the markets, after which I hope to warm up again while uploading the photos ๐Ÿ˜‰

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