Quite a culture shock again, Budapest is so much more touristy and modern than Bucharest that I’m sure i’ll never mix the two of them up in my head. Budapest is living, partying, shopping…  and they know it. Not as adventurous though.
The hostel is really nice, The Loft Hostel, complete with christmas tree, gluhwein and a good selection of DVD’s for the cold nights. The town is pretty, both the Buda and the Pest side are attractive in their own ways. I’ll have to come back here for the railway museum sometime in summer since half the attractions were closed for winter.
I managed to squeeze in a short visit to both a Picasso, Klee and Kandinsky and a Hundertwasser exhibition in the museum of fine arts.

Nice surprise: Bratislava is only 2 hours by train from Budapest. Definitely better dan 22!

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