How to replace TW Steel watch battery

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To remove te backplate, rotate anti-clockwise. A suitable tool is required, but I MacGyvered using a Shimano bike-wrench. Creativity can bring you quite far! If all else fails, or you plan on doing watch-work frequently, consider a proper watch-opening tool


The grey plastic is snapped in place and can be lifted out easily with some care.


These small batteries are best bought online, or as part of a assorted collection (think dollar-store). The numbers on the cell actually indicate the proper type. I think this was a CR622, check your model carefully!

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  1. Thanks for this Thomas! I couldn’t find a local shop to change my TW Steel and this got me started. Unfortunately I couldn’t finish it myself without the right tools, but the folks at fixed it for me!

  2. Hi Thomas,
    Can you please clarify for me as to how you removed the cack plate? Do you use the locator hole and twist it to the left to undo it/un-screw off? Or if that’s wrong, use a fine slotted screwdriver to pop the back off? In other words does the back unscrew off or pop/flick up?
    I’ve got a 48mm Csnteen Chronograph & its battery has gone flat.
    Thanks in advance for your help and apologies for the fact I’m replying to a post you’ve written in 2013

  3. I just replaced the battery on my Cantina chrono and although the chrono works, the time diesnt, does the watch have another battery for time etc??

  4. Tw 899 watch I don’t know how to open it to activate the battery,the plate on the back has 4 holes that show like a pan head screw underneath the hole but they seem to be dummy screws, would the plate screw anti clockwise?

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