How Good Is My Doctor?

Very interesting perspective on the importance of truly measuring your own performance and researching how to improve.

“Excellence came from seeing, on a daily basis, the difference between being 99.5-per-cent successful and being 99.95-per-cent successful”

The difference in effectiveness between treatment centers can be enormous. Historically, patients haven’t known this. So what happens when they find out?

Source: How Good Is My Doctor?

The past, present, and future of design in Silicon Valley | TechCrunch

Interesting perspective on what design is and how it impacts product development.

The automatic retort to any questions regarding feasibility is, “Anything is a possible.” “Can we do this is? is the wrong question to ask. It’s Why should we do this? How should we do this?…It doesn’t matter what ideas you have, it’s all about Does this solve the problem?”

 In a world in which you can build anything, the onus for entrepreneurs has shifted from figuring out if you can build something to understanding whether it’s worth building it in the first place.

Source: The past, present, and future of design in Silicon Valley | TechCrunch

MariaDB on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

So this is a new approach… No longer allowing password based auth for the DB root solves a whole lot of possible security snafu’s, but at the expense of some friction in learning ‘the new way’

The idea with the new set-up is that you shouldn’t be using passwords at all.

What’s especially relevant is the contents of /usr/share/doc/mariadb-server-10.0/README.Debian.gz on Ubuntu 16.04:

“Scripts should run as a user have have the required grants and be identified via unix_socket.
So it looks like passwords should no longer be used by applications.”

Will AI be a nice God?

This blog is a must read for anyone interested in technology and innovation.

“Creating the technology to reverse human aging, curing disease and hunger and even mortality, reprogramming the weather to protect the future of life on Earth—all suddenly possible. Also possible is the immediate end of all life on Earth. As far as we’re concerned, if an ASI comes to being, there is now an omnipotent God on Earth—and the all-important question for us is:

Will it be a nice God?”

Part 1 of 2: “The Road to Superintelligence”. Artificial Intelligence — the topic everyone in the world should be talking about.

Source: The Artificial Intelligence Revolution: Part 1 – Wait But Why

From mobile first to mobile native — Benedict Evans

Smart companies are starting to build solutions with a “mobile native” assumption:

This change, from building on mobile ‘first’ to really leveraging what a billion or so high-end smartphones can do in 2016, reminds me a little of the ‘Web 2.0’ products of a decade or so ago. One (and only one) way you could characterize these is that they said: ”you know, we don’t necessarily have to think about Lynx, and CGI scripts, and IE2, and dialup. We’ve evolved the web beyond the point that tags were controversial and can make new assumptions about what will work, and that enables new ways to think about interfaces and services.”

Source: From mobile first to mobile native — Benedict Evans