Cleaning B&W C5 Earphones

After many months of use; the sound level of my B&W C5 in-ears was starting to degrade – to the point where even with volume control turned all the way up on my iPhone, music or conference calls became hard to hear. Clogged!

Google did not have any good results on how to fix this. Common suggestions for in-ear buds include cleaning with a cloth, a soft brush and some detergent (lukewarm soapy water, alcohol etc). This did not work for me – the fine metal mesh in the in-ear piece appeared to be stubbornly clogged.

B&W C5, showing metal screen


While some users reported successfully opening the earbuds with a vice and pliers, that seemed too destructive to me.


B&W take apart
B&W C5, taken apart

Luckily, I tried the following as a last resort: carefully sticking a needle in the mesh allows to exert enough pulling force to remove the screen from the earbud.

Taking out the metal screens allows me to clean them easily, fully restoring the sound output to its original, glorious levels.

After cleaning, the mesh screen can be easily placed back in its original position. In my case, the remaining glue residu was sufficient to keep it in place, but you could carefully add a small amount of glue to be safe.


New Years Resolutions

“Want to make sure you nail your 2015 resolutions? Make them public, psychologists advised.” Consider this a brain dump first and a way to create some accountability to myself second. Anything else is a bonus. So here we go!

This is a work in progress. Until 31-12; I should be able to edit, right?! Any suggestions or helpful hints are welcomed. I may have to order these goals somehow at one point…and maybe do some pattern recognition to look for a deeper coherence?

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Ascaso i-Steel I-1 Mod

After a quick lesson from our local espresso guru in Nijmegen, I concluded that my espresso grinder was just not grinding fine enough to pull that perfect shot.

The grinder was already on its finest setting, so I was tempted open it up and see what adjustments I can make.

Luckily, it is a very simple device.  It is easy to see the limiter screw in the shot below, and it is just as easy to move it one hole further.

Ascaso grinding adjustment
Only after making the adjustment and praying for success – and it really did do the trick – I thought to google this adjustment and found the tutorial below:

Ascaso i-Steel I-1 Doserless Flat Burr Grinders at 1st-line Equipment, LLC.

Apparently there has been a batch that do not adjust fine enough.

And now just one more Espresso…

​5 Cyber security lessen van ondeugende Hollywood actrices

Ik zie net dat op mijn blog over de gelekte foto’s van afgelopen weekend gepubliceerd is!

​5 Cyber security lessen van ondeugende Hollywood actrices.

In dit blog probeer ik een aantal lessen te trekken voor security managers, maar op een leesbare manier.

“Niemand geeft om de feiten”

Wie na het lezen nog nieuwsgierig is naar meer technische achtergrond kan bijvoorbeeld terecht bij deze researcher of bij de bron van de iBrute exploit

Wie zich zorgen maakt over de eigen accounts: